Pure Aloe Vera Powder Extract, Organic 200:1 Concentration

Aloe Vera PlantBuy in small bulk quantities and make your own drinks, topical lotion or gel. Why pay for expensive fancy packaging and unnecessary additives such as dye, preservatives, stabilizer and other inactive fillers? This powder is light as feather. Take it with you anywhere you go. Add to bottle water or juice anywhere any time.

White, pure Aloe Vera powder extract from Aloe Vera gel, NOT the whole plant.

Aloe Vera Powder200:1 Concentration means 1 part of Aloe Vera powder extract added to 200 part of water will make a liquid with concentration which equals to the natural fresh Aloe Vera gel inside the leaves.

Beware of cheap Aloe Vera Powder made of whole Aloe Vera plant, which contains Aloin, also known as Barbaloin. Aloin is a bitter, yellow-brown colored compound, considered as a stimulant-laxative. It may lead to electrolyte imbalance, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. If the powder is yellowish or greenish to yellowish in color, that means it is made from whole plant and is not extract from the Aloe Vera gel. Do not take by mouth any Aloe Vera powder that is not white. Aloe Vera drinks should be clear and tasteless unless there are dye or other ingredients added to it.

*Aloe Vera has traditionally been used to promote healing from burns and wounds. Recent studies found Aloe Vera to be effective in wound healing when administered either orally or topically. Aloe improves wound healing by increasing the availability of oxygen and by increasing the synthesis and the strength of collagen. The mucilage from the leaves of the Aloe Vera plant is a gentle chronic constipation remedy. Aloe Vera is being used in alternative therapy to treat various intestinal problems.

Directions for use:

Add ½ level teaspoonful (1 g) in a one cup (250 ml) or 1 level teaspoonful (2 g) in 2 cups (500ml) of water, drink once or twice daily. May add to Lean N Clean® smoothies.

Other dosing method related to various internal and external conditions, refer to: http://www.mayoclinic.org/drugs-supplements/aloe/dosing/hrb-20058665


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